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Our goal is to contribute and to have a dynamic presence in the environmentally correct management of solid waste, in order to produce products of high nutritional and agronomic value, based on the composting of organic materials by a special Red Worms breed, “Lumbricus rubellus”.

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 Get to know our products and discover useful information about their beneficial action.

 Be informed about the key role of earthworms both in the food chain and in the recycling of organic waste.

 Get useful knowledge about home composting using earthworms.



Worm composting is using worms to recycle food scraps and other organic material into a valuable soil amendment called vermicompost, or worm compost.

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Our products meet both the needs of the modern professional grower and the expectations of the amateur gardener.

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News and Articles

Information about new products and methods for the modern agriculture and organic farming.

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Earthworm compost can be used to prepare the ground where fruitful and ornamental trees, vines, shrubs and legumes will be planted.

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